Friday, January 11, 2008

Japanese goodness

I have decided that I want to start posting photos even if I don't blog about anything. Sometimes I don't have much to say, but still have an awful lot of pictures to share.
I will pick a few pix out of my large photo file and try to post every couple days or so.

I did have a great weekend though. A successful trip to the salon, (even though I was late and had to phone the salon twice while trying to find it in the rain--) the stylist, a tall, lanky, cigarette puffing, 100% androgynous Serbian finally met me on one of the crazy corners, somewhere lost inside the maze of the neighborhood.

I am usually quick to figure out (if there is any question) in roughly 5-10 seconds or so what gender someone is. After living in a few big cities, you come across a few.
1 and 1/2 hours into this appointment, and I am totally stumped. Not a clue. Not a trace. Either way. What the heck.

Didn't know til I left and she handed me her card. It was a feminine name, at least, but these days, who knows, really?

Then. Then! One of my best friends, Alix, sends me a package, out of the blue.

Books on art.
Books on food.

I was so happy, I really did get tears in my eyes.

Up to my eyeballs in MSG and loving it.

And a book by one of my favorite people who makes me laugh my butt off, chef-turned-author-turned travel channel star Anthony Bourdain. A die-hard New Yorker that says something hilarious on every darn page of his books.
Thank-you Alix!

So here are just 3 random shots.
Tried to post more, but was unable to for some reason.



Blogger Capt. Donald Kilpela Sr. said...

Hello Trina,

Great post again and wonderful pictures. For the life of me I can't guess how Kev posts so many pictures with the computer not locking up. Maybe I should start using thumbnails. Because I do not have DSL I don't particularly like thumbnails but soon we'll be in Florida where I will have high speed internet and they will open up real nice. Bye.

As we say up here, Love youse guys.

Uncle Don.

ps. In last week's New Yorker, David Denby, the movie critic, describing Otto Preminger's "Anatony of a Murder," wrote that Preminger depicted the Upper Peninsula wonderfully. He then described the off-season up here as "leafless, under-populated, alcoholic, and forlorn." I would have added, "yet unsophisticated."

Actually, change a few words and you have Manhattan.


6:59 PM  
Blogger Katrina said...

Uncle Don, "yet unsophisticated"--I love it. And as for the 'leafless, under-populated, alcoholic and forlorn' part, in my opinion, all the entertaining characters throughout the UP make up for that.

Ira has the New Yorker delivered here, altho it arrives late.. will check that out.

5:11 AM  
Blogger Capt. Donald Kilpela Sr. said...

Does anyone know how to add a picture to a "comment?"

12:33 PM  

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