Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hello 2008.

And Happy New Year.

 A pretty low-key holiday for us  this year.

We followed Japanese tradition and visited some beautiful temples,  one of which was right in our neighborhood that I hadn't yet gotten around to going to. 
New Years (shogatsu) is very much a family holiday and the most important one in Japan. Just about everything shuts down for 2-3 days, altho a 7-11 was open that had some questionable looking tofu-type-fried balls at the check out. 
Entrances to homes and gates are decorated in pine and bamboo for good omen.  
 On New Year's eve, lots of fancy and strange food is served, along with soba, (buckwheat noodles) --they are long, and symbolize a long life to be had.
 Ira sure was slurping them down,  hoping to squeeze a few more years in.
Hoards of people visit the shrines and temples to pray for health safety, etc, all the good stuff.
                                                                                                 Making a new friend

 Tying wishes

Today was the first day back to school.  Great to get back into a routine.
Starting to think more and more about moving back to the USA, as we have entered the final stretch here, with just 5 months to go.  Kind of an odd thing, because life here is becoming more and more familiar and we are making more friends and as time goes on feel more settled into our way of life. (not that it is easy!  the traffic is killing me.)  

But 2 years is really not long enough for a country like this.  3 year absolute minimum I'd say.  It takes that long.  At least.

But we'll be home soon, and the cheese arguments will finally subside. 

That will be so nice.



Blogger Capt. Donald Kilpela Sr. said...

Nice to see you back at the Blog. If that's your baby, I can hardly believe how big she is.

Tell Ira that "only the good die young."

Time has certainly flown by. I know that you will miss Japan and so will the kids. For Betty and me, Curacao still haunts our memories, and that despite having a bad business experience. The human condition is that one forgets the pain in time; but the pleasantries last forever.

Uncle Don

11:09 AM  

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