Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dad was here

Little taped notes around the house.

That's how you know.

'Course I knew he was here, he was a gigantic help when the 90 boxes from Japan came in. He attacked the boxes like a crazed cave man.

Replacing the screen door, cleaning and organizing the entire work room, fixing closet doors, doing dishes, pumping up bike tires. The list goes on.
Wal-mart or Home Depot. Almost every day.

He is strong and healthy. Great to see him. And he's coming back, in a month, for another 3 weeks.


Blogger Capt. Donald Kilpela Sr. said...

Great to read you again, Trina. Your dad always was a bear for work, just like your grandfather Kilpela who was constantly tinkering around. I wish I had their ambition and energy.

His two sons have that same energy for projects and apparently it has passed on to his grandsons. We were hoping to see him this summer up here in the UP but now I am beginning to wonder. When you see him, please say hello. We'll see him in Florida this winter. And tell him to continue his blog.

Betty and I are thinking of making a trip to Denver in January. We'll keep you informed.

1:31 PM  

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