Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Joys of Jet-lag

Joseph. An hour or so before landing. Yawn. Been home for 1 week and beginning to come out of the jet-lag, lack of oxygen and dehydration. But there is lots of cheese in the fridge.
That's what counts.
This is what's on the agenda. Unpacking massive amounts of boxes with completely random contents. Here is a shot of the boys room, and the storage room.

Aren't you all so jealous? Ira left for Japan today, he will be back here in Colorado for a visit on July 18. Then back to Asia again, not quite sure how long it will continue, but his working visa expires end of October. We hope he won't be gone for that long. The company needs to find his replacement and Ira needs to train him or her. He is in the process of interviewing.

Fresh air, big blue skies, mammoth shopping carts, and driving on the proper side of the road. (without a bike or 2 speeding in front of you at any moment) . Ah, the things I missed so.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Goodbye Japan

In our last few days spent here, Ira and I went together to Kamakura, my absolute favorite place in Japan. 
An ancient womens cemetary, on a giant forested
 slope.  The air is heavy and very rich with fragrant nature.  Little paths meandering through the graves sites, the trickling sounds of tiny waterfalls, big moss and vine covered walls, dripping with moisture,  the echo of the birds. 
I found these mushrooms on a rock.  Not even 1/2 " tall. 
Such a quiet, peaceful and perfect place.  I gathered leaves, twigs, tiny pebbles, fallen bamboo. Hope to make a small collage with my findings of this place that I love and will miss so much.
A wonderful last memory.

June 7.  We are ending another chapter and leaving Japan in just a few hours.
I have to go pack, Ira is pushing me to end this. I will continue when I return home. 

Sayonara Japan, arigato gozaimas