Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thailand part 2

Greetings from the lame blogger.

First I have to say, on a happy note, my brother Kevin is here and his company is greatly bothered enjoyed by all.

On a sad note, Ira had to make yet another trip back to the USA. It has been determined that his mother needs to enter a nursing home, so he has flown back to find a home, help with the transition and take care of all the complicated paper work. Very sad times. The past few months have been very rough, and dealing with all of this decline from afar is especially difficult. Ira has done a spectacular job dealing with the ongoing stresses of his job, kids and family back home. More power to you Ira. A big hug too.

Tommy Lee.
He's gone from mad to sad, now on this coffee machine. Next ad is crying in his mug.

Now you listen to me, Tommy. You are a long time movie star in America and a huge hero on every billboard and coffee machine in Japan. GET OVER IT.

So now that I have nearly forgotten everything about my Thai vacation, I'll post the couple things that I remember.

First a bit of advice:

In your next life, don't come back as a 3rd world mannequin if you can help it.

So after the beach, we headed up to Bangkok, hired a driver for a day to take us about an hour north to Auytthaya, which was a Thai kingdom that existed in the 1300-1700's. It eventually expanded to become the nation of Siam. Needless to say, there are hundreds of Wat (temple) ruins, and enough meditating Buddhas to make your head spin.

Monks on a mission

Siam Warrior declares
"Joseph, eat your Pad Thai"

the reclining buddhaHis mother-of-pearl feet (and Ira's beautiful bald head)a really bad night time snack I bought. Fried 'cakes' drenched in granulated sugar stuffed with corn and other mysterious items that went directly in the garbage

Ira making an entrance
entrance to a monks quarters